Golden Book Award of the Year 2022 Winners


Karma: A Yogi's Guide to Crafting Your Destiny

Theology & Philosophy of Religion

Dalai Lama

The Little Book of Encouragement


Chetan Bhagat

400 Days

Thrillers and Suspense

Amish Tripathi

Legend of Suheldev

Indian Writing

Priyanka Chopra


Society & Culture

Indra K. Nooyi

My Life in Full

Women in History

Sudha Murthy

The Sage with Two Horns

Children's Traditional Stories

Siddharth Rajsekar

You Can Coach

Home-Based Businesses

Ankur Warikoo

Do Epic Shit

Self-Help for the Workplace

Prakash Iyer

How Come No One Told Me That?

Analysis & Strategy

Radhakrishnan Pillai

Art of Winning

Historical Success Strategies

Dr. Suriraju. v

Kidney Secrets Revealed

Health and Awareness

Shailesh Newase

Ultimate Guide to Grab Your Dream Job

Career Guidance

Karthick Sekar

Cracking the Campus Code


Suresh Shetye

Stuck in Business? 5 Exponential Growth Hacks to Achieve 10x Profits

Business Transformation

Shakti Leekha

Reimagine High Value Sales

Business Management

Shankar Balakrishnan

Friday Gyaan

Self Help

Dr. Nanda Sirari

Menopause Matters: A New Beginning

Women Health

Dr. Parimala V Thirumalesh

Baby 101


Akhil Baheti

समय नहीं है?


Manvinder Kaur

Uploading God

New Age Sprituality

Vijay Prakash & Darshan Rao

Slumdog Investor

Personal Finance

Dada Bhapkar & Mohsin Pathan

Yes! I Love Money

Money Psychology

Parneet Jaggi & Vikram Singh Deol

The Call of the Citadel

Historical Fiction

मृगांजली शर्मा


Hindi Fiction

Ashok Azad

Mastishk Taranginee

Hindi Poetry


Malayala Balasahitya Charithram

History of Literature

Dr. M. S. Shabeer

Sandhivedhana, Ningalarinjirikkenda Karyangal

Health Education

Bhupender Gupta

Travelogue Across Hemispheres


आनंद प्रकाश शर्मा

शिवोहम् ‌

Sprituality & Religion

डॉ. कुमार द. ननावरे

मी सरकारी डॉक्टर


Niraja Bandi

The Ones Who Dare

Inspiration (Non-Fiction)

Parag Pandya


Traditional Japanese Poerty, version - KANSHI (Gujarati)

Dr. Rachna D. Shah

Rachna - The Creation of Thoughts

Life Transforming Literature

Sylvia Fernandes

I Am

Personal Transformation

Dr. S. Kalaimani

The Preparatory Manual of Cell and Molecular Biology

Life Science

R. Jude Halleluyah

Deranged, is it my mind or my heart?

Soul Searching (Poetry)

Madurai Dr.K.Thiagarajan

Life and Contribution of Mridanga Vidwans

Carnatic Music Instrumental

Dr. Alokparna Das

Haveli Sangeet

Classical Music

Dr. Tushar Nivrutti Nikalje

Understanding the University (Braille-English)


Josma Ettumanur

Frauds in the Pond

Political Satire (Fiction)

Ram Ramakrishnan

Local to Global

Transformation Guide

Tulika Majumder


Emerging Author (Fiction)

Spondon Ganguli

Let Me Hold Your Hand


Kanagiri SN Prasad

A New Political Ethos: Panacea for Robust Societies

Indian Politics (Non-Fiction)

Prof/Ar.Sri Aishwarya Balu

Little Cup of Romance

Romance (Fiction)

Dr. Sreekanth Kopuri

Poems of the Void

Lyrical Poetry

Press Release

Wings Publication announces winners of India's most prestigious book award - Golden Book Awards 2022

Pune [India] 26 Jan 2022, Books are souls of authors that’s goes around the world and inspires lots of readers. Authors put lots of their hard work, creativity and experience to make the book alive but very few authors get the due recognition for their good work.

“WINGS PUBLICATION”arranges “Golden Book Award” every year to recognize the top Authors of India. This year 5000+entries of books were received for the awards and only 35 Author could get place in “Golden Book Award of Year 2022”.

“Golden Book Award of Year 2022” had very renowned international Book Coaches like Murali Sundaram (Founder – TLC), Kailash Pinjani (President – Indian Author Association), Dr. Deepak Parbat (Founder – Superfast Author)as the Jury to select the best books out of entire lot.The awards were associated with Indian Author Association, TLC Community, Superfast Author and The Brainflix Business Gurukul.

The CEO WINGS PUBLICATION and Literary Editor of Awards, Ms. Manika Singh states that most of these heroes (Authors) go unrewarded and unrecognize, she wanted to make sure that their recognition reaches around the world by Golden Book Award.

Winners of Golden Book Awards of Year 2022 are: –

  • Sadguru, Book – Karma a Yogis Guide
  • Dalai lama, Book – The little book of encouragement
  • Chetan Bhagat, Book – 400 Days
  • Amish Tripathi, Book – Legend of Suheldev
  • Priyanka Chopra, Book – Unfinished
  • Indra K. Nooyi, Book – My Life in Full
  • Sudha Murthy, Book – The Sage With 2 Horns
  • Siddharth Rajsekar, Book – You Can Coach
  • Ankur Warikoo, Book – DO EPIC SHIT
  • Prakash Iyer, Book – How Come No One Told Me That
  • Radhakrishna Pillai, Book – Chanakya Neeti
  • Suriraju. V, Book – Kidney Secrets Revealed
  • ‌Shailesh Newase, Book – Ultimate Guide to Grab Your Dream Job
  • Karthick Sekar, Book – Cracking the Campus Code
  • Suresh Shetye, Book – Stuck in Business? 5 Exponential Growth Hacks to Achieve 10x Profits
  • Shakti Leekha, Book – Reimagine High Value Sales
  • Shankar Balakrishnan, Book – Friday Gyaan
  • Nanda Sirari, Book – Menopause Matters: A New Beginning
  • Parimala V Thirumalesh, Book- Baby 101
  • Akhil Baheti, Book – समय नहीं है?
  • Manvinder Kaur, Book – Uploading God
  • Vijay Prakash & Darshan Rao, Book – Slumdog Investor
  • Dada Bhapkar & Mohsin Pathan, Book – Yes! I Love Money
  • Parneet Jaggi & Vikram Singh Deol, Book – The Call of the Citadel
  • मृगांजली शर्मा, Book – गुमशुदा
  • Ashok Azad, Book – Mastishk Taranginee
  • K. Sreekumar, Book – Malayala Balasahitya Charithram
  • M. S. Shabeer, Book – Sandhivedhana, Ningalarinjirikkenda Karyangal
  • Bhupender Gupta, Book – Travelogue Across Hemispheres
  • आनंद प्रकाश शर्मा, Book – शिवोहम्
  • डॉ. कुमार द. ननावरे, Book – मी सरकारी डॉक्टर
  • Niraja Bandi, Book – The Ones Who Dare
  • Parag Pandya, Book – Pigmelian
  • Rachna D. Shah, Book – Rachna – The Creation of Thoughts
  • Sylvia Fernandes, Book – I Am
  • S. Kalaimani, Book – The Preparatory Manual of Cell and Molecular Biology

Golden Book Awards is initiative of WINGS PUBLICATION which is India’s fastest growing publishing house. It helps Authors, especially first-time authors, publish their digital (Kindle) & physical book in India & International market.

Very soon, WINGS PUBLICATIONS is also coming up with Book Writing Challenge (BWC-1) to inspire and support lots of first-time authors on their book writing journey.

WINGS PUBLICATION helps authors to give shape to their experience and expertise in the form of non-fiction/self-help books. ENTREPRENEURS, TRAINERS, COACHES, EXPERTS & CONSULTANTS are handling their clients in their area of expertise, and they are helping clients from decades in the process. These authors have shared their expertise as nonfiction/self-help books.

WINGS PUBLICATION works with International Publishing houses as Indian Distribution Partner to provide their books available in India. It also works on WHITELABLE PUBLISHING and provides publishing outsourcing services to International Publishing Houses.

Please visit for more information about winning Authors and books.